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  • How are the posters printed?

    All posters are screen printed on a semi-automatic press. This is an analogue printing technique in which one color at a time is printed with mesh screens.

    The majority of my posters are printed at Broken Press (Seattle) or Monolith Press (Alameda CA).

  • Are the band posters official?

    Yes. All of my posters are made in collaboration directly (or via management) with the band. In most cases bands have heavy input regarding the artwork.

  • Will the band posters be reprinted?

    No. Band posters are printed one time in a signed and numbered edition.  In a few cases I have created a second edition for different show dates or tours. If this happens I usually also change the colorway and/or paper.

    When an edition is “sold out”, it is literally sold out.  In an age of “print on demand” services I feel I need to clarify this fact.

  • Will you work with my company / band?

    There are various factors which determine my availability. Please email me with your proposal, budget, and timeline. I always respond to proper emails. I do not respond to vague inquiries or dm’s via social media.

  • Who is Samaritan Press?

    Samaritan Press artwork, correspondence, and day-to-day operations is solely done by me, David V. D’Andrea.  I occasionally publish artwork for close friends and peers of my choosing.

  • When was Samaritan Press founded?

    Samaritan Press was started circa 2012. I have been a working artist since 1999 and have been making artwork since I was a child.

  • Where are you located? Can I visit?

    Currently, Samaritan Press is in the St Johns neighborhood of Portland Oregon.  

    Yes, I welcome studio visits. Please email.

  • What type of press is housed at Samaritan Press?

    I own a Chandler and Price “Old Style” platen press (1910), a Vandercook No. 1 “Proof Press”, and a Risograph GR3770.