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SEER 2020


24 x 36"

5 color screen print

We've printed 4 different versions.

Blackline and four colors are all the same.The gold and silver metallics are swapped out as well as paper type.

Each version is numbered separately and signed.

  • A. Gold metallic on "Madero Beach" paper. Ed of 40.
  • B. Silver metallic on "Kraftone Off-White" paper. Ed of 30
  • C. Gold metallic on "Kraftone Manila" paper. Ed of 10
  • D. Silver Metallic on "Berrylicious Blue" paper. Ed of 10

Published in conjunction with my friends Broken Press, Seattle.


Inspiration~ Spiritual death  / Rebirth / Genesis P-Orridge / the Durga / Advaita / the Simbi