Vintage Wreath T-shirt

Size Guide
vintage sizing chart
Vintage Wreath t-shirts colored pit to pit shoulders top to bottom
SMALL 15" 13" 27.5"
MEDIUM 17" 14" 28"
LARGE 18" 14" 29"
Child sizes
CHILD 10-12 15" 14" 20.5
CHILD 14-16 16.5" 15" 24"
Large-ish vintage white
LARGE 19.5" 18" 29"
XL WHITE V-NECK 22" 20" 26"
Email me with any questions!

The Vintage Wreath T-shirt is my attempt to make something special, a recreation of an obscure art t-shirt from the past, well-worn and unique.

The shirts are from a warehouse buy in New York somewhere. They're unworn seconds from the 1960s or 70s, a time before there were many name brands making colored tees. Some have a loose thread or a factory mend (rare) but I've weeded out any that might be unwearable.

At Broken Press we used a discharge ink  to dye the image into the material, rather than a heavy print. The result is a nice soft, worn-in feeling shirt.

The tags are generic, stating the size and material only. Some are 100% cotton and some are 50/50.

*Caveat: The sizing is not like modern shirts! These shirts are very slim and stretchy. Even within each size measurements vary wildly. If you have any questions please email me with a specific choice and I will be happy to inspect the shirt closely and take detailed measurements.

There are some large mens sizes in the white Hanes and white v-necks. Otherwise most variations are very slim.

Please see the size chart, and again, do not hesitate to ask questions!

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