Hand Painted Print : 2017

This hand painted edition took me almost two years to finish. I periodically spent a lot of time with each of these blacklines to create completely unique pieces.

I used liquid acrylics and watercolor with fine brushes to paint into the blackline. In some instances I added detail and shapes to the composition.

The colors are much more vibrant and alive than the photos make them appear. Each piece radiates in its own way. I really enjoyed making these.

There are 7 in existence. #2-7 are available here until sold out. First come - first serve. Please email me with any questions.

* To choose your number please use the dropdown menu above. When you use the dropdown menu, the number shown corresponds with the piece.

  • Hand painted 
  • Blackline printed at Burlesque of North America
  • 22 x 30"
  • Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper
  • Signed and numbered edition of 7

Shipped via USPS Priority in an oversized tube. I will add extra padding for these.