NOV 10, 2020: I'm away attending to a family emergency. You may still place an order but please note that it will not be shipped until late November. Thanks /// DV

2021 Hatha Yoga Calendar

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The fourth annual Samaritan Press Hatha Yoga Calendar features an original illustration by David V. D'Andrea depicting the human form in lotus position with crescent moon and sun.  Three peacocks perch upon the spiraling tree of life as the world serpent climbs skyward. Valerian and passionflower sprout from the earth, helpers in hope of a tempered and creative 2021.

Dimensions: 14 x24"

Four color (with split fountain) screen print by Monolith Press

The 2021 Hatha Yoga Calendar references a Panchangam for Portland, Oregon.
A Panchāngam states the tabulations of position of the moon for every day of the year on a fixed place (longitude, latitude) and time of day. The users calculate the remaining data using their relative difference from this fixed place and time.

Yogis use an Indian astrology system of calculation (rather than a simple astronomy calculation). In this system, it is the period of time prior to the point the moon becomes exactly new/full that is considered as the ‘moon day’ (called a tithi in Indian Astrology). Further more, in this system, the day is considered to begin at sunrise rather than mid-night.

Please refer to a website such as to determine your region's moon days. They may deviate slightly from this calendar.