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Et in Arcadia Ego : Hand painted screen print


"Et in Arcadia Ego" is a very interesting phrase found in art and alchemical history. Its literal meaning "even in Arcadia I", seems either unfinished or intentionally cryptic. Many believe it to read as "even in Arcadia (paradise) death is inevitable", conveying a deep memento mori.

This edition has been many years in the making. It was hand printed during my residency in Belfast and painstakingly customized on my travels spanning about 3 years.

Hand painted with acrylic ink, watercolor, and Copic markers, each piece is completely unique.
Stonehenge Grey hand torn sheets 15 x 22.5" 
Image is approximately 11 x 16", as the margins are spacious.
Each print features a custom remarque (hand drawn image at bottom left).
Please be sure to click on the number on the right to view the piece you're interested in purchasing. 

 For the sake of clarity, remarque descriptions are as follows:
1. Hand 2. Moth1 3. Dove 4. Passionflower 5. Antler 6. Rose
7. Skeleton 8. Woman 9. Owl 10. Moth2 11. Wing 12. Mask 


Shipped via USPS Priority

Thanks /// DV

Et in Arcadia Ego : Hand painted screen print

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    All of my posters are made in collaboration directly (or via management) with the band. In most cases bands have heavy input regarding the artwork.

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    When an edition is “sold out”, it is literally sold out.  In an age of “print on demand” services I feel I need to clarify this fact.

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